CIA Full Parts - Exam Review Plus

CIA Full Parts - Exam Review Plus

Exam Review Plus is our all-inclusive course as it includes all of our tools.

Getting this course provides you with all the tools you need to pass the exams. Here are the tools you will get:

Virtual classroom: Attend a live online course that sets you at the right pace to pass the exam within the shortest time period.

Textbook / E-book: The main source of all the knowledge you need to pass the exam. The books are aligned with the IIA’s outline, and at the same time, they are divided into manageable study sessions.

Question Bank: More than 3500 questions that cover the all topics. This is our star tool as we are very proud of the way this tool works: Access from any device, apply your favorite filters to the questions, or just create your own custom study sessions.

Mock Exam: Real exam environment with the ability to generate a new set of question with each attempt with limitless number of attempts. There will be no surprises on exam day in terms of the functionality and layout of the exam.